Work Exercise Products

Getting some useful exercise at work can be as simple as standing up and stretching or going for a quick walk. If it's so easy then why aren't we doing it? Some of us need a little extra push, these are some great programs that can help you:


If you don't know where to start and you'd love to have really detailed desk exercise information, look no further than The last time I checked you could join for free! With your desk fitness membership you get:

Here's a quick peek at the exercises:

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Don't think anything will get you motivated and moving for a little micro-workout at work? How about a personal trailer and kung fu black belt? Think that might kick you into gear? Well, Liz Weaver would be willing to do that for you.

Liz is a fitness trainer and a kung fu black belt so she understands exercise and body motion. With the BreakPal program a virtual Liz will pop up on your screen and be your trainer, support, and reminder to take a break for your health (and probably your productivity). Many of the exercises can be done without even getting up from your chair and you'll still get a workout. But regardless of whether you get up from your chair or not all exercises are designed to be done in a small space such as a cubicle and are low impact.

BreakPal has integrated social and gamification elements into the workout process to keep you accountable and keep things fun, check it out with our affiliate link: Visit BreakPal by clicking here!

Work Exercise Resources Online


WebMD is a great resource for health information online, including some things your can do to workout at your desk. Here are a few good articles on the subject: